We protect our clients as well as experts

Dear our Experts
All experts on the Hudson Research Partners database have completed our compliance training and have signed our Terms and Conditions. To maintain eligibility, experts are required to review and sign Terms and Conditions on a project basis. By signing, we consider experts agreed to our compliance Procedures and policies, including but not limited to:
  • Experts may only participate in consultations that will not violate any applicable laws and regulations.
  • Experts may only participate in consultations that do not represent a conflict of interest.
  • Experts will not discuss any confidential information (or any proprietary insights), including material,
    non-public information to our clients.
Dear our Clients
At Hudson Research Partners, we take compliance issues seriously by complying with our core compliance framework.
  • Clients agrees to keep confidential about all information provided by HRP and the experts, including but
limited to names, phone numbers, and any information related to the experts.
  • Clients shall not ask any information that is deemed as confidential information and non-public information
our experts.
If you want to know more, please contact us.