What we can offer

Phone Consultation
An efficient method to quickly
Acquire market intelligence and
learn more about industry trends

Face-to-Face Meetings
Meet qualified experts
in person and benefit from
their perspective on the
market status

Site Visits
Expert site visits provide
formal group settings to
discuss relevant

Customized Surveys
Gain real industry insights
with customized methodology
and analysis

Short/Long-Term Placements
Deliver talented experts
with the appropriate
experience to lessen
recruitment risk by having
short-term contracts

The way we work

Due Diligence
Conduct international background investigations.
Bench Marking
Create a baseline for enterprise resource planning
Step 1
Project Starts
We receive a client request with the specific questionnaires and expert qualifications.

Step 2
Search and Screen
Our research team reaches out to our expert database to find the right match.

Step 3
Schedule Consultancy
We coordinate schedules to determine the consultation time that works best for our client And expert.
Step 4
Consultation Starts
Experts and client may speak together over the phone, having face-to-face meetings, or through surveys, etc.
Step 5
Feedback and Payment
The client will provide feedback after the consultation and our finance team ensures the timely payment to the experts.

We can boost your business with the most qualified experts

Experts by Industry Sector

Our largest proportion of experts is in Industrial Sectors such as automotive, semiconductors, construction, Building Materials, transportation and industrial equipment, followed by Healthcare, Consumer Goods & Services and Energy:

Industrial: 27 %
Healthcare: 18 %
Consumer Goods & Services: 14 %
Energy: 13 %
Basic Materials: 10 %
Media & Telecom: 9 %
Financial Services: 5 %
Business Services: 4 %

Experts by Seniority

95% of our database is made up
experts from Manager-level and up.
This can be broken down into:

CXO: 7 %
Above Director: 24 %
Manager: 64 %
Below Manager: 5 %

Experts by Region

Our primary area of coverage is
APAC, followed by the Americas,
and EMEA. The breakdown of our
coverage can be seen below:

Korea: 35 % , Americas: 25 %
EMEA: 21 % , APAC: 10 %
China: 3 %, Middle East: 2 %
Etc.: 4%

How we can assure our excellency

Testimonials by Our Clients

Testimonials by Our Experts